Millennium Trophy

2022 Results table after Team MK event on 24th April (six results to date) click for pdf 
Top 10 riders to date

1 479 Josh Crow-Stewart Male Senior
2 466 John Jones Male Veteran 
3 454 Adam Swan Male Senior
4 438 Andrew Bradley Male Veteran
5 429 Tim Davies Male Veteran 
6 409 Nicholas  Coe Male Veteran 
7 408 Sean McDougall Male Veteran 
8 391 Peter Richards Male Veteran 
9 362 Peter Redshaw Male Veteran 
10 335 Andrew Jarratt Male Senior

Top woman is 

1 320 Elspeth Grace Female Espoir

This competition, originally for Men and Women, was devised and introduced in 2000 by Doug Eagger, Icknield RC, long-serving Secretary of the D.C.
Past winners: Click for pdfThe Millennium Trophy rules: Click here (pdf file)

The D.C. has since added Veterans and Juniors to the awards and in 2004 purchased 4 new Cups, to be awarded to the winner in each (revised) catagory, ie: Overall, Women, Vets, Juniors.
It is a points-based system for riding a minimum number of sporting course time trials promoted in the District each year. Fastest rider in each event receives 120 points, the second fastest 119 and so on. The competition is funded by a separate DC Levy.
Trophy Cups are held by the winners for 12 months and they also receive engraved RTTC Medallions. Best team performance is recognised. The top 10 Overall, top 10 Women, top 10 Vets and top 10 Junior qualifiers receive CTT District Award Certificates.