Local Regulations

Cycling Time Trials – London North District – Local Regulations

The following MUST appear on appropriate start sheets (or, for club events, in a form conveniently placed for riders to read before they start):

LOCAL REGULATION No. 1 No U turns should be made in sight of the start or finish areas while riding on the public highway.

LOCAL REGULATION No. 2 Competitors, their helpers and event officials must use the toilet facilities provided at event headquarters as required. Fields and hedgerows must NOT be used for toilet purposes. Failure to observe this regulation may result in disciplinary action against those concerned.

LOCAL REGULATION No. 2A For morning events on the F13/25 and F13R/25 courses, the last rider shall start no later than 09:00 hours.

LOCAL REGULATION No. 3 No cars other than that of the timekeeper(s) and other event officials are to be parked in the vicinity of the start or finish points.

LOCAL REGULATION No. 4 (Stuart Memorial Hall, Tempsford) Due to complaints from residents of Tempsford village, you must park away from houses. No parking south of the ' Wheatsheaf ' public house.

LOCAL REGULATION No. 5 (Little Paxton Lane) There must be no parking of motor vehicles on any part of the east side of the Old Great North Road apart from those of the timekeepers. Parking should be at the event HQ. If this is not possible, parking must be on the west side of the said road south of the Samuel Jones factory. In exceptional cases where there is no event HQ, clubs promoting events on courses which use this road must appoint a car parking steward to ensure compliance with this Regulation. Refreshment tent and result board must be placed on the grass triangle at the extreme south end of Old Great North Road between that road and the A1 trunk road and NOT on the verges on the east side of the road.

The following information MUST appear prominently on Start Sheets for events using Stuart Memorial Hall, Tempsford.

  • HQ to START From Tempsford Memorial Hall take left exit at mini RAB onto the Flyover and then left exit at next mini RAB to join B1043 where the Start point is located.
  • FINISH to HQ After crossing the finish line continue south on A1 to bear left at the Girtford underpass and follow the road until it meets the A1 northbound where turn left. Go north on A1 until Blunham Lane where turn left then immediately right (CARE) onto the Tempsford slip road to Tempsford over the mini RAB to follow the village road back to the HQ.
  • WARNING TO RIDERS OF EVENTS ON F1/25 and F1/30 No rider may walk or ride up any part of the southbound slip road to the Tempsford Flyover either prior to or after their ride. No rider may cross the central reservation at any point. Any rider contravening this instruction shall be subject to instant disqualification from the event and be further liable to disciplinary action by District Committee.