Police Forces

Police Forces

Police forces in CTT London North district will accept ‘Notification of Proposed Time Trial’ via email at the following addresses. Notifications shall be completed with all required information and submitted within the required CTT notice period of 42 days.
Notifications shall be in pdf or Word format. jpeg and similar image formats will be rejected.

From 2024 season Beds, Cambs and Herts Police Forces have introduced a dedicated mail box for each force area,  intended to receive cycle event notifications for future cycle events (time trials).

The new email addresses are:

Bedfordshire events - BedsCycleEventNotifications@bch.police.uk

Cambs events – CambsCycleEventNotifications@bch.police.uk

Hertfordshire – HertsCycleEventNotifications@bch.police.uk

These new mail boxes are accessible to Police operational and event planning teams, who will note the contact details and record events on the force calendar for introducing to the area safety advisory groups.

Organisers submitting will receive an automatic reply acknowledging their email, thereafter they will only be contacted if needs be.